What is LokiPoki, you ask? LokiPoki is a giFT frontend, written entirely in Python 2.2 and pyQT 3.x.
Our aim is to provide the Linux community with a fully-featured filetransfer client, that blends in
with the KDE/QT desktop. LokiPoki v 1.0 will have all kinds of awesome features, like
content filters, a goodie called "wishlists", and so on...


12/5/2003: We're not dead!

Yet again a long time has passed... Development has been rather quiet lately, but i've started checking out the code again! If only the protocol was better documented, and wouldn't suck that much :$ Oh well, now that there is a gnutella plugin in the works, expect to see it integrated tightly with LokiPoki :o) BTW, mailing me to show me your support could do wonders for the development of LokiPoki :o) *hint hint* I would like to get the basics (including gnutella) working again, and fix the longlasting download/upload treeview bugs, and then release a 0.3.. *fingers crossed*


29/12/2002: LokiPoki 0.2 is out!

A long time has passed.. but here it is, the first release of the completely rewritten LokiPoki!
Ok, don't expect too much of it for now, it has basic search/download/upload capabilities, but there still are bugs in it, which will be taken care of in the next release. But go ahead and try it out! It's already usable ;o) And, tell me, is there ANYTHING more beautiful than a new LokiPoki version for Christmas & Newyear? :o) Enjoy the holidays btw! ;o)
And LokiPoki's team now counts 2 developers!! Please welcome Ricardo Niederberger Cabral, A.K.A. "rnc"! His help is much appreciated, and together we'll make this a great new year for LokiPoki ;o) *crowd goes wild*


17/10/2002: LokiPoki From Scratch

Well, version 0.1 of LokiPoki is now ready for the garbage, because 0.2 will be a complete rewrite.
Because of v 0.1, I've found a lot of things that can be done much more efficient and clean, so I decided a complete rewrite is the best thing that can happen to our sweet little LokiPoki :o)